6:25AM: SPX futures are at 4170 — it’s been grinding up for a week now. MTSL is gapping up 92% on news of a merger.

6:31AM: MTSL is selling off into the open.

6:22AM: SPX futures are at 4141. There are no good gappers this morning. COIN is currently well below its IPO opening price.

6:20AM: SPX futures are at 4132. There aren’t any good gappers this morning. COIN has its IPO scheduled for today.

7:04AM: The COIN IPO is expected at 7:20AM.

10:57AM: So, the COIN IPO ended up happening at 10:25AM. There wasn’t as much volatility as I was hoping for.

6:23AM: SPX futures are at 4120. There aren’t any great looking gappers this morning. NVCR is gapping up 58% on news of a phase 3 trial for a lung cancer treatment; it’s currently well-below VWAP. MFNC is gapping up 52% on news of a merger. LGVN is gapping up 31% on positive news from its phase 1 study for an Alzheimer’s treatment.

6:40AM: No good action so far.

6:22AM: SPX futures are at 4116. The SPX has made a really impressive move from 3880 up to above 4100. There aren’t any good looking gappers this morning. It looks like we’re currently in a slow and choppy market.

6:35AM: WHLM (+81%) has been moving a bit, but TD Ameritrade is not allowing trades on it.

6:21AM: SPX futures are at 4085. CELC is gapping up 56% on news of a licensing agreement with Pfizer. It isn’t trading that well at the moment. It looks like another light day today.

6:32AM: CELC sold off at the open.

6:36AM: Stocks are quiet at the moment. SPX is testing 4100.

6:26AM: SPX futures are up at 4081. RICE is gapping up 41% on news of an acquisition agreement. It’s currently near today’s highs. Overall, the gappers don’t look that great today.

6:30AM: Sell off at the open.

6:41AM: RICE looks promising but is tricky to trade.

6:46AM: RICE has sold off under VWAP.

6:57AM: VERY (+90%), which has been moving on no news also looks promising but it’s very choppy:

6:25AM: SPX futures are at 4060. There aren’t any good gappers this morning.So, I’ll be sitting tight.

6:37AM: I’m not seeing much yet. UTME, a stock which IPO’ed yesterday, is currently halted above yesterday’s highs. It’s unclear why it has held up so well. But, I’ll be watching it to see if it presents good trades.

7:33AM: UTME has been moving:

It’s very volatile and has wide spreads. It’s also the biggest mover today. So, I’m looking for a continuation after this pullback.

6:24AM: SPX futures are at 4060. BTX is gapping up 83% on news of insiders buying shares. SJ is gapping up 55% on news of an alliance with Snipp Interactive to explore Bitcoin and NFTs. Both stocks are near their pre-market highs.

6:31AM: SJ popped and dropped. BTX has been fading since pre-market.

6:59AM: There’s been a lot of volatility but no upward progress in many stocks. ACY looked poised to gain momentum, but it never materialized.

7:34AM: SJ broke through its pre-market highs and is now halted going up:

6:23AM: SPX futures are up at 4037. CEMI is gapping up 59% on news of a test to differentiate COVID and the Flu. NNOX is gapping up 54% on news of FDA clearance for its digital x-ray. BPTH is gapping up 35% positive results for its Leukemia treatment. BPTH posted a big move half an hour ago; so, I’ll see if it makes more moves at the open.

6:31AM: BPTH popped and then dropped at the open:

Vinson Chuong

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