6:25AM: SPX futures are at 4619. CPIX is gapping up 87% on news of expanded FDA approval for its Caldolor drug; I’m not sure if the news is good enough though.

6:35AM: Stocks are choppy today and have been choppy for a couple of weeks now at the open.

6:25AM: SPX futures are at 4644 after the SPX closed at 4594 on Friday. KRYS is gapping up 128% on positive news from its trial for its dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa treatment. NRXP is gapping up 55% on positive results for its COVID-19 treatment. Both of these stocks are currently trading near VWAP.

6:22AM: SPX futures are down at 4626 on news of a new Coronavirus variant. ISPC is gapping up 85% on no news; maybe it’s continuation on the news from 4 days ago about a COVID-19 government partnership.

6:32AM: ISPC did a pop and drop:

6:53AM: Nothing making upward progress yet.

6:28AM: SPX futures are up at 4712. ISPC is gapping up 127% on news of a contract with the US government to supply specimens for COVID-19 research; it has 12.6m shares of volume so far.

6:30AM: ISPC is choppy at the open with wide spreads.

6:33AM: ISPC is halted going down:

6:40AM: ISPC bounced off of VWAP and is now halted going up:

6:27AM: SPX futures are at 4699. LGVN is gapping up 74% after closing up 135% yesterday; it’s currently below VWAP. GTEC is gapping up 70% on news of launching an electric vehicle line; it’s currently near its highs.

6:31AM: Both stocks are choppy at the open. No real progress yet.

6:32AM: LGVN is currently halted going up:

6:38AM: LGVN is choppy at resumption:

Vinson Chuong

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